My Top Ten Sherlock Moments

Hello everyone.

It’s Rachel. And I am here with a Sherlock related post. After finishing Sherlock a couple of weeks ago. I have missed it so much. I just need more Sherlock! (Come season four…) So I thought I would share my top ten Sherlock moments (with Gifs!!!) None of these are in order.

One – I’m A Highly Functioning Sociopath

You just have to love that line. It stuck with me.

Two – When Sherlock Plays the Violin

Just any moment with him playing the violin, is going to be my automatic favorite.

Three – That Kiss Scene

Sherlolly1 Gif

Who else almost screamed when this happened? 1000% perfection in only a couple of seconds.

Four – The Explosion

Explosion Gif
That seriously just happened. And was fairly intense. 

Five – When Watson Thought the Tube Was Going to Explode

But that speech though.


Six – Drama Queen

That moment where John calls Sherlock a Drama Queen! Someone needed to say it.

Seven – Mary

Mary just in general… Need I say more. 

Eight – Sherlock Dancing

Gif worthy

Nine – Drunk Sherlock and John

Those two were entertaining.

Ten – Jump

This was both the best and worst moment. (There were tears involved)

Bonus moment – You’re My Best Friend

The feels!

After finishing this, I realized that there are hundred more moments I loved in Sherlock. So if anyone found this entertaining, I might do a part two.

What are some of your favorite Sherlock moments? Let me know. 🙂



10 thoughts on “My Top Ten Sherlock Moments

  1. crazymusicchick says:

    I think I would have to agree with your choice 😉 I like the last moment in season 3 when Sherlock shoots Magnussen whilst shouting “Oh, do your research. I’m a high functioning sociopath. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”. His eyes speak volumes.

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  2. Adriana Gabrielle says:

    Wonderful post Rachel! So basically instead of making a really long comment where I respond to all the moments in really long, fangirl-y and rambly sentences. I went about it a different way here: ( 😛 )

    One- I use that quote ALLLLLL the time. It bugs so many people XD
    Two- LOVE the violin and I love Sherlock! So him playing the violin is pure perfection.
    Three- I screamed…for a very very long time.
    Four- I was so scared for poor Sherlocks life!!
    Five- That whole scene was just so much cruelty for poor Watson. Sometimes I dunno how he even puts up with Sherlock XD
    Six- Best thing ever! Also use that line a lot in my day to day life.
    Seven- I FREAKIN LOVE MARY! Oh my gosh!
    Eight- He’s got some sick moves XD
    Nine- Every time I watch that episode I laugh until I cry. It is just so amazing.
    Ten-That time everyone weeped forever.
    Bonus- Many many feels.

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  3. wanderlust77 says:

    Hey fellow fangirl! 😛
    Loved the post. There are so many quotes here that I say almost on a daily basis! And it annoys people. But eh… Gotta survive somehow until season 4 comes out, right? xD
    Keep up the good work!

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