Fanfiction! Creation and Writing.


Hello Fanpeople of all shapes, sizes, fandoms and galaxies! It’s Adrianna here once more!

Today we’ll be discussing a very strong part of the Fandom community: Fan fiction.

Wonder picture, don’t you think? 😛 (last minute drawing for the win)


It’s something, even if we’ve never done it, we’ve at least thought about. It’s where you take the things you already love and well, play with them. Fan fiction drives creative minds. It gets you going about someone else’s story that you love. And it puts you in the seat of the person writing. (Or if you’re reading it: gives you an idea of what could or would be. Expanding the experience.)

Either way, it’s letting you explore this world, story, and its characters in a new way. Your favorite show/book/movie isn’t going to have another installment? Whether it’s temporary or indefinite, those great fanfic writers have your back.  With another adventure to sustain your fanperson needs.


Now some would argue that maybe Fan fiction was the easy way to write. You are taking someone else’s original work and adding to it. You already have the world, the people, and sometimes even main conflict.

But let me tell you. Fan fiction is just as much creation as any. And should be considered as such.

Though really, if you find yourself writing this kind of thing, and it becomes hugely extensive. (Full of your own ideas, thoughts, characters even) Then maybe you should think about maybe working on some original pieces. Don’t sell your little creative self short! Maybe someday someone can be making fan fiction of your story.

But hey! You like making fan fiction, keep at it! And trust me, there are a lot of people who’d love to hear what crazy interesting twists you may put on someone else’s story. (And we all know the fun it is to imagine this way. Continue creating and, Enjoy what you do!)

Just don’t let any of that stop you from attempting something of your very own.

Also some amazing {and published} stories out today started off as fan fiction. *cough* Cassandra Claire’s Mortal Instruments *cough* And, I’m sure, a lot of others too.

Keep at it fanpeople, Consumers, and possibly even Creators. For we need both in this story driven world.

~ Your Passionate Little Blogging Friend,

Adrianna Ewing


4 thoughts on “Fanfiction! Creation and Writing.

    1. missyhatter says:

      All the reason that it’s freeing to write your own work. But writing Fan fiction and writing something else are done for completely different reasons.
      But it takes a great deal of dedication to make sure you’re representing it well! So kudos!
      I’ve only wrote fan fiction in my own secret notebooks and such so I’m not the most experienced in writing it for other people 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kara_Author says:

        Haha yeah, for the most part I keep my fan fiction hidden far away 🙂 Such a great idea for a post, though!!!!


  1. yaaasminxx says:

    This is so true, fanfiction really does drive the creative mind! The best part about writing and reading it is knowing that the original story doesn’t have to end where it does, as well as seeing where us fans can take the plot. Also I agree with the point that writing it can lead to creating original stories as well, it’s happened to me a few times with the inspiration I’ve gotten 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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