Novels, E-Books, and My New Favourite Site: BookBub

Hello Fanpeople!  It is I, Maddy Clarke!

On this the 20th of January, 2016 I would like to give you all the gift of FREE BOOKS.

(ALSO: Happy 10th Birthday to my wonderful little brother OSKAR! A huge geek in his own right – the thing he was most excited for this birthday was being able to watch THE INCREDIBLE HULK -, this post is dedicated to you lil bro!)


Now despite the entire Paper/Digital reading thing (Who really cares now anyways?),


Book smelling habits aside, who could pass up a  good deal when it comes to books? (Hint: No one in their right mind)

Ladies and Gentlemen may I present you with,



An amazing site filled with daily deals on E-books


Even better, most of the books are available on multiple platforms,

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 14.21.48

It’s ridiculously awesome, and easy:


All of the books are either at a discount or completely free; and not all of them are unheard of either; Neil Gaiman, Anthony Horowitz, and Hazel Gaynor all have (or have had) books at discount via BookBub.  Be aware that not everything is permanently at discount or free, some deals are only for a limited time, (listen to me, I sound like a commercial. lo how the mighty have fallen)


It’s one of the main reasons why my ‘to-read’ list is so fantastically long, and now yours will be too!

Happy reading 2016!


-Maddy C.


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