Review and Reaction | Pretty Little Liars 5 Years Forward

Hello Everybody.

(If you haven’t watched PLL and don’t want to be spoiled, I don’t suggest reading this) 

New poster looks fabulous!

It’s Rachel. Today I want to talk about the new episode of Pretty Little Liars that was released a couple of days ago. This episode takes place halfway through season six – five years on, after the identity of A is revealed, and the Liars have all left Rosewood and gone off to college. Five years later they are all called back to Rosewood by Allison. And things go downhill from there.

The introduction is kept almost the same, except this time we get all the girls standing there, and someone else in the coffin.

First I would like to talk about all my ships… And how they are all destroyed! I get the point that it has been five years since everything happened, and people drift apart. But WHY? I was a little deflated by that. But now everyone is back in Rosewood, we are starting to see the old flames spark back into some of the romances. (And Hannah is engaged!)


So Hannah is working in fashion, Spencer is getting into politics (but is a lobbyist), Alison is a teacher at Rosewood High, Emily is a bartender, and Aria is focusing more on her writing. From what we learned in this episode, all the girls are still traumatized after what happened in the dollhouse. They all admit to have nightmares and still need to be taking medication and seeing a shrink for what they went through. Even though everything worked out; their lives will never be the same. You simply can’t get over something like that.

Rosewood has changed. It still holds a lot of ghosts for the girls. Radley Sanitarium; the mental hospital, has been transformed into a fancy hotel. Which is weird, cause it has so much history, which is now buried and soon will no longer be remembered. Considering everything ended up pointing back to Radley, having that reinvented into something new and positive is a big step.

Charlotte is released from the hospital after five years, and the night she is released she goes missing and is found dead at the bottom the the bell tower. Suicide? No it looks more like murder. So who did it? Who killed Charlotte? I have predictions… But I don’t know.

This new episode has really got me interested all over again, just like the very first one. Now I need to know everything. So that is all I have on the first episode. Things are getting crazy. All though that is no surprise, cause it’s Pretty Little Liars.



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