Artemis Fowl – The Movie (Guest Post by Kylie Gregory)

You may have heard of him. The great exploits of the twelve-year-old millionaire genius against the LEPrecon officer Holly Short. He single handedly stole millions in fairy gold against the will of the entire race and escaped without a scratch. At thirteen, he rescued his father from the Russian mafia. He tricked a fairy into revealing the deepest secrets of the people. He foiled the evil Opal Kobio.

Who is that, you ask? He’s Artemis Fowl.
Artemis FowlThis eight book series of middle grade science fantasy by Eoin Colfer has gained quite the following of dedicated fans since its release. Since that time, the fandom has been calling for a movie adaption of their beloved series.
And now we’re gonna get it. Cue the triumphant music!

Miramax films first bought the film rights shortly after the first novel’s release in April 2001. However, the rights were later sold to Disney. But was this good news for the franchise? It’s hard to say.

In 2013, Disney announced a director for the project. Kenneth Branagh is set to direct the project. Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal are set as the producers. Furthermore, Micheal Goldenburg has agreed to write the screenplay.

While details such as casting have been much discussed by the fans, nothing has been finalized. Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game and Hugo) is the fan favorite to portray our wonderfully villainous Artemis Fowl. However, it is argued that Butterfield is too old to portray the twelve-year-old super-genius. Saiorse Ronan is the fan-pick to play the spunky Captain Holly Short of LEPrecon.

Will the fans be happy with this adaption? It’s ultimately impossible to say. The feature will span between book one and two of the series. This means many major storylines may be sacrificed for the sake of time. The choice of Disney to produce the story seems a bit strange, personally. After-all, will they portray Artemis Fowl II in all of his treacherous glory justly? Or will they butcher this epic story for a failure of Percy Jackson and the Olympians proportions?

Either way, I will be waiting for when this much anticipated film is finally released. The date of such is yet unknown, but with progress as it is rumored to be making, we can hope it will be in theaters before too many more years have past us. In our twenties or not, I’m sure most of us will be packing the cinemas for this.


5 thoughts on “Artemis Fowl – The Movie (Guest Post by Kylie Gregory)

  1. Kara_Author says:

    Oh, yay! I’m pretty excited for this 🙂 I feel like Artemis is such a intricate, clever character that you would need a very good child actor to pull of the maturity that Artemis has naturally. Asa may be older than Artemis’ actual age, but with some makeup magic they could make him look younger. And he has the acting ability to pull off all the complexities of Artemis’ character. 🙂


  2. Kylie Gregory says:

    Excellent point 🙂 I don’t think I would really be disappointed with the choice either way. I like Asa Butterfield a lot, and he did a great job on Ender’s Game.


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