#GirlPower: Agent Carter


Adriana G. bringing you the second little instalment of this weeks #GirlPower posts! As you can probably tell by the image and blog title, I’m gonna be talking about Marvel’s Agent Carter!

Over Christmas break, my Dad and I started (and finished) the first season of this show together and it is probably one of the the best TV shows I’ve watched (on my Top 3 list) for SO many reasons! I cannot wait for Season 2!


So to start off, I ADORED Peggy in the Captain America movie so I was really happy she got a TV show. The reason being that she is a strong, lead character and its amazing. I always love seeing a strong, lead character in a TV show who is a woman. Its kinda cool for me cause then I can look at this character who takes no crap from anyone and is just plain old kickbutt and be like. “I can relate to her’ or even (I will admit) “I want to be like her”

ac7045cc6401a7a5bb299988399866fcPeggy’s character is absolutely amazing and perfect, but yet she doesn’t feel like some person you just wish you could be because they are so perfect. In fact she’s the opposite. Despite her flaws, imperfections, and struggle, she is still a strong character who knows her limits and isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs to. THAT (to me) is what a strong character truly is. Did I also mention she’s really good at kicking butt? I mean honestly. Her combat skills are #goals XD

But anyways. The show was an interesting concept, really. Very intriguing but interesting. I like how it kind of picked up soon after the first Captain America movie ended. The war is over and everyone is going about what has now become their every day life. We get a little info on what Peggy is like and what she does for a job and all that. (Basically she’s a servant for a bunch of the guys at the agency she works at.)


I don’t know how the idea of Peggy working alongside Edwin Jarvis came into play but it was an absolutely fabulous thing and in all reality, I am Jarvis …. Example:

Jarvis 2


There are so many examples I could give, but either way I loved the whole story line….and with those brainwashed child assassins thing. *shudders* Talk about terrifying. Honestly I cannot wait for season two as this show is the BOMB. I also now just want to dress like Agent Carter…just…just being her would be nice. I’m on a mission to find clothing like hers and I WILL be successful!

Also…this quote ❤


So thats kind my little ramble-y post about the unstoppable force that is Peggy Carter! 😀

Hope you liked it!

Adriana G.



Bonus For all you Agent Carter wannabe’s 😉



3 thoughts on “#GirlPower: Agent Carter

  1. Kara_Author says:

    AHHHHH THIS! So good! I love Peggy, too! And Garvis is SUCH a great character. Literally, he has done what it’s taken about nine characters/teammates in Agents of Shield to do. ☺️ And I love how he and Peggy are just really good friend!!! AHHHH SO MUCH TO LOVE!

    Great job, my #girlpower sister!

    Liked by 1 person

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