#Girlpower: Supergirl

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Hello again, lovelies!


Now, to ring in the new year, what better way than to geek out over comics?

fangirling loki tom

Or, more specifically, the Comics-based TV shows that are finally finished with their Winter break!

We’re got Arrow, coming back TODAY actually as Stephen Amell was so kind to give us an early reminder! (If you are into Arrow, follow this guy on Facebook/Twitter. Seriously. He’s the best.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 7.09.52 PM.png

And there’s Flash returning on the 19…and Legends of Tomorrow premiering on the 21…Gotham coming back February 29…

Gif Daredevil.gif

And for Marvel’s bonanza, we have Daredevil season two releasing on Netflix on March 18….Agents of Shield on September 23…and Agent Carter (WOOT WOOT!) has been confirmed for a second season starting January 19!


Still, as exciting as all of these are, I’m here to talk about the comics-inspired show that has already started hitting our TVs. And stars a blonde who shares my first name.


Supergirl flying.gif

And, yeah, she is related to this guy…

Superman Supergirl.gif

(Dwaaaa his face, though!)

Now, one of the things that I really love about this CBS show, is that it brings back the big-hearted, brightly-colored, and family friendly tone to superhero shows. While I certainly have a place in my heart for darker dramas like Arrow, Supergirl is something that I can watch with my nine-year-old sister, and enjoy it just as much as her.

Kara Danvers seems like your average young lady, working as a lowly assistant for media tycoon Cat Grant . On the surface, it would seem like running errands and making sure she doesn’t deliver Miz Grant’s coffee cold are the biggest challenges Kara faces.

However, that couldn’t be father from the truth!

SUpergirl scrunchy face

With the help of a tech nerd named Winn whose witty sense of humor has quickly made him one of my favorite characters…



And a new incarnation of the cameraman who worked closely with Superman–Jimmy Olson…

Jimmy olson....gif

The three of them work together to not only stop any earthly threats, but the other-worldly kind.

Supergirl shirt s


There’s these strange looking villains…(Someone likes red)

Supergirl red tornado

Supergirl red alian

And this lady who we think is evil, and also happens to be related to Supergirl…



Its a bit complicated. And sometimes, you might feel like you’re free falling.

Gif supergirl fall fly.gif

But, in the end, you’re always going to land on your feet. Because, if there’s one thing that sets this show apart, its a perky, determined and courageous young woman who can fly. #girlpower

I can fly Supergirl

This action-packed series with a vivid cast and unique villains is certainly one DC Comics show you don’t want to miss!

Have you ever seen Supergirl? What other books/shows do you enjoy that have a strong female character? Don’t forget to check out the second half of our #girlpower posts tomorrow! Adriana G. will be posting about Marvel’s Agent Carter.

Have a great one!

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3 thoughts on “#Girlpower: Supergirl

  1. Lilly T says:

    Hi, my name is Lilly T. I’m 14 and according to online I don’t exist. There is also no record of me being born in this world either. My sister has her records and she is older than me but I don’t. There are rumors going around where I live that the Supergirl TV series is ending. Please don’t end it. Your show is the only thing that makes me feel normal. Ever since I was little(r) my dad has told me that I have powers like him that haven’t developed enough yet for me to use them. I know it sounds stupid and you probably think I’m not real or something like that. You can find my dad on YouTube taking videos of my marching band if you look up his name but my face is blurred somehow. Also, when I was little my parents would have to read me super girl as my bed time story to make me fall asleep. I love supergirl so much that if it stops I’m going to cry my heart out. No one is a better super girl than the current one(Melissa Benoist) and I know it sounds like I’m braging but I look just like a mini her. I have the blond hair, the glasses, the eyes, the big smile(except I have braces) and I wish with all my heart that one day I can be even 1/2 as pretty as Melissa Benoist. I love you, please don’t stop the show.


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