Introducing Twenty One Pilots!

Hello once again Fanpeople! Adrianna back, here to finally officially make a post introducing you all to this wonderful band.


Yes, Twenty One Pilots. Now if you have already heard of them I wouldn’t be terribly surprised. Since 2015 these guys have actually reached the radio and many other people now. (Though I believe some of it was the work of all the fans who knew these dudes deserve the attention)

But since I had a few people ask, saying they’ve never heard of them after my Christmas post about Tyler and Josh’s amazing friendship (which you can also check out on this blog somewhere) I will take this time I have to show you the beautiful thing that is Twenty One Pilots.

I have been waiting for this post. And to express my excitement with a Tyler GIF.



Now, first thing’s first, I believe almost anyone can get into liking this band. They’re that different, I guess. I know people who don’t much like their sound, but love the lyrics and respect them enough as a band to even enjoy some of the work they normally wouldn’t listen to.

And for all of you who are wondering, their sound is amazing. They do things in music a lot of people are afraid to. Mix up genres, sometimes in mid song, (see Ode To Sleep for a good example), play around, and basically ignore the part of the music industry that loves labels with music, and praises the songs that fit. It works sometimes but it puts music in a box. Says to stay in your lane, when there’s so much more out there. (Check out their song Lane Boy)

And say, you’re not that big on new styles and cool music with sick beats, ukulele, drums and occasional emotional screamo,  you can still, no doubt appreciate their lyrics.


Their music does something most people are afraid to do nowadays. Express and evoke thought. That’s the point of music, of language, of art, to express and encourage expression. Twenty One Pilots take every chance they can to encourage that creativity, that deeper thought so many are afraid of.

They delve deep, often to even scary parts of the mind. Thoughts that almost everyone has once and awhile but never talk about. Tyler writes about what hurts, truthfully, in a way that makes people realize they’re not alone. All because someone took the time to tell the truth about something.

They don’t try and say they understand either. (Kitchen Sink)


This band brings people together for that reason. They have songs you can jam out to, sing along with, but then you can sit and listen to them alone and realize just what they’re saying. And how real their music really is.

That’s what music should be sometimes. That’s what expression should be like, art, writing. Showing the real sides, both good and bad. And underlying them with faith and I think that’s what Twenty One Pilots does.

As a writer, I aspire to write like this. In a way that opens up, provokes thought, comes alive, and touch up on even the roughest hardest things in this life then showing the hope in them.9d92dca40a8221ae97e09ae91b919ba4

And in every song, even the ones like Migraine have that glimpse of hope. That idea that “Yeah, this is real. It’s tough, but you can get through it.”

They offer music as a way out for people, an outlet for emotions. And even to some a security, knowing we’re not so alone in this messed up world.

This is one of those things I have become almost better for being a fan of. The discussions I’ve had with people prompted by this band have been some of the best discussions touching up on, life, love, joy, sadness, depression, expression, introspection, music, writing, art, and so much more.

So I would more than just suggest you listen to them. Because, really, very few things I’ve found can have this much impact.

Stay street you guys! Keep creating! And loving things! Finding new things to love and talk about or “fangirl” with people about!

(Also, are you already a TOP fan? A new fan? Just heard about them? Are you going to run off and listen to their music or have you already? Fill up those comments about your experiences and we’ll all converse with one another.)

~ Sincerely, Adrianna






12 thoughts on “Introducing Twenty One Pilots!

  1. Tessa Ann says:

    I’ve loved this band for years, ever since their song Guns For Hands was added to the radio station that I listen to in 2012. They’re just so awesome. I agree completely with everything in this post.

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  2. Kara_Author says:

    Awww this looks really cool! I’ve never listened to them before, but I may have to give it a try! Just curious…they’re not Christian, are the Adrianna? Not that I am a Christian-music-only-nazi…but I find that as Christians there’s a whole depth to our music that the world just doesn’t have. You know what I’m talking about. All those songs about faith and searching for something more–when we’ve found that something more. His name is Jesus. And he is the definition of love 🙂

    Anyway, that turned into a rant 🙂 But, I like their sound, so I thought I’d ask!!! 🙂

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    1. Emily Walker says:

      *pops in* Tyler and Josh actually are Christians! (I know a lot of bands just say they are, but if you actually research it and look at their lyrics, it seems very true for the two of them.) Their music isn’t strictly “Christian” – meaning they aren’t in the Christian genre – but a *lot* of their songs either reference God or seem to be speaking directly to God.

      Also, they are the best band ever.

      Awesome post, Adrianna! *high fives fellow fangirl*

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      1. Kara_Author says:

        Awesome! Thanks for that Emily! I actually think its really cool when Christians are able to write something that people who are not believers will understand and enjoy! *hesitantly tries to get in on this high-fiving-ing*

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    2. missyhatter says:

      What the other’s said! The writing /does/ come from a deeper place because of it. Addict With a Pen, like Adriana mentioned, is a good one. Their music is meant to reach other people too, so it’s very honest. You know? The music certainly isn’t worship or praise music, but it’s from the point of view of a person, honest and true. And a lot of their songs deal with the fact that without God, we are nothing. That insecurity that comes with that, that need to feel his presence.

      Songs like:
      Addict With a Pen: A cry for help. To be heard: “Wash me with your water”
      Taxi Cab: talks about salvation I’m pretty sure. And Death and almost “rebirth”. Just listen to that last verse/rap part.
      Isle of Flightless Birds refers to society and where we are now. Also the last verse about how “His time we’re wasting” It’s a really good song, one of my faves.
      Doubt: I think talks about faith, and the fact that we need Him even though we’re such sinful creatures and even when doubt creeps in.
      March to the Sea: Basically an analogy to the way the world wants us to be and what God calls us to be.
      🙂 Hope that helped! And got you some more music.

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