My Fandom Bucket List

Hello Everyone!

It’s Rachel again. Before I start I would like to quickly tell you about my recently acquired fandoms. This is always fun. During the month of December I began watching Once Upon A Time; which is truly amazing. I also began re watching Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But the real big one in here, was that my friend had me watch Sherlock. And I seriously don’t understand why I didn’t watch this sooner! By the time anyone reads this I will have finished season three. I am truly dedicated and (overly) attached to this show. (Fangirling over)

Subject for my post today; is my fandom bucket list. You may have seen things like this before. So I thought I should make one of my own. Enjoy!

  1. Jump of a moving train with the dauntless
  2. Go to the Anne Frank House
  3. Have a road Trip to Agloe New York
  4. Eat Dauntless Cake
  5. Have a tea party with the Mad Hatter
  6. Meet Thor
  7. Become an Agent of Shield
  8. Solve a crime with Sherlock
  9. Be the first jumper
  10. Learn archery
  11. Go through the wardrobe to Narnia
  12. Visit Story Brooke
  13. Have a snow fight with Liesel and Max
  14. Fly a Dragon
  15. Take down the Capitol
  16. Sail with Captain Jack Sparrow
  17. Use a Lightsaber
  18. Have a picnic at funky bones
  19. Visit Omega Point
  20. Climb a Ferris Wheel
  21. Play capture the flag, dauntless style
  22. Have John Watson do a guest post!
  23. Go on a date with Maxon
  24. Seek a great perhaps
  25. Run the Maze
  26. Go to Comic Con
  27. Hunt with Katniss
  28. Zip lining with Dauntless
  29. Kill President Snow
  30. Visit Rosewood
  31. Meet all my favorite authors
  32. See Warner’s Closet
  33. Arron Warner (please)
  34. Go to the Shield Academy
  35. Visit Asgard
  36. Have a sleep over with the Pretty Little Liars
  37. Join the Selection
  38. Spend a day (or a week) in the Beasts library
  39. Survive with Cassie Sullivan
  40. Sing with the Les Miserables characters
  41. Train with Kenji
  42. Be a part of the 100
  43. Be an extra in a movie

Haha that was all so random. I’m bound to have missed something. Let me know what’s on your fandom Bucket list?



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