A Gift To Sherlock-ians

Heyo Peeps! Adrianna returning for the first time in 2016! And I am very very excited.


We all had things to be excited for this New Year. But if you’re a huge fan of BBCs Sherlock, then more likely than not, This Amazing Christmas Special was what you were ready to start the year off with.

The Abominable Bride is not only a bit more adventure and mystery with our favorite adaptions of these marvelous characters. But also something we’ve yet to see with BBCs take on the Classic Tale:

The time period it was originally created in.

This darling show went from this:sherlock

To this:Sherlock-The-Abominable-Bride-Poster

If you’re a lover of not only this show but all of Sherlock Holmes, including Sir Author Conan Doyle’s work, then this is beyond exciting.

This little Christmas special was a Christmas Gift to fans like me everywhere.

And boy, did they deliver.

This thing was like coming downstairs on Christmas day and seeing all the presents wrapped under the tree.Then opening to finding things you’ve been waiting for years to get, asked for, and even things you didn’t know you wanted. And with each thing you unwrapped there was another. New shiny things mixed with lovely  nostalgic elements that remind you why this is your favorite time of year.



There, it starts, and you’re immediately  hit with that excitement. Here it is. The day has come and it’s right here, right now. And it looked marvelous.

I do believe I watched this Special Episode while wearing Excitement Goggles which make everything 100x cooler than if you were only casually watching. So, you can call me out on all my biases. Though there are very strong reasons as to why I love this so. (Maybe a post for later)

I mean, look at them. It’s wonderful.

How they do this? How they make you feel like you’re unwrapping presents?


(Note: Possible spoilers. All you peeps who haven’t watched the series, or the special, yet I would suggest taking your time now to go watch it.) psst, they’re having an encore airing on the 10th I think. All you who couldn’t see this on the first and reading before then.


Well first, they almost completely recreate the first bit of the first episode, but in the 19th century. Getting you ready and in the mood to see what other adventures are awaiting us.

They throw references to the original stories left and right in those first minutes. (The Blue Carbuncle, Watson’s stories, and he even basically read from one of the stories at one point) Bringing back nostalgia, not only for those who watch the show, but for the long time fans of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

This excitement maybe leading us to forget that nagging question we were left with after the last finale.

(i.e. this guy)

That is until the writers do this really cool thing. They hint to it.
While we’re laughing at Anderson, wondering how the “Bride” came back from the dead (Obviously not twins, it’s never twins. *note to all the fan theories about Moriarty’s brother*), and trying to figure out why Molly has a mustache…

Sherlock lists off the peculiarities of the case. Shot through the mouth, brains clean out…If that didn’t make anyone raise an eyebrow the next thing he said made it clear as day what mystery he was trying to solve:

How did he survive?

It does this constantly. We get a glimpse of what they’re working to then… Oh look! Shiny! We get drawn back into the matter at hand trying to solve the mystery of the Risen Bride. Caught in a trance because of the characters and the hilarious antics and suspenseful mystery.

Then, every now and then, something will bring us back to Moriarty. Or something will pull Sherlock back to him. Though, in this Sherlock, as it states, the Professor fell off a cliff, his body never to be recovered. Then why would it keep going back to the shot, from the series? For a moment maybe we think it’s for us, the viewers. To remind us they aren’t done with the mystery yet.

But then someone else, like Mycroft will say something a little off for the time period. (“Virus in the database”)

They play on a thin line, feeding us this before showing us what’s really going on. This isn’t just for kicks, because it would be so cool to see them in the 1800s, anymore. Because now we’re really getting what we want.

To know what happens next.

I won’t go through the whole episode, we’d be here all day. But the way they do this, is some amazing writing and execution.

The whole thing has a quality of dream-like-ness before that bit in the middle where the yank us out of the place we were growing comfortable in. This shows how much time and thought they put into this.

And to further prove my point that this was almost exclusively a gift to the viewer.  Ahem, The Game’s afoot. That scene with the waterfall, (ALL THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT) And the thing that filled my little geeky heart with so much joy I squealed much louder than I should have (even though it’s not anywhere in the books I don’t think)

“Elementary my dear, Watson.” 

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. There is much more to discuss, but I’ve taken up enough of your time today already.


Continue loving what you love! Cherish all the lovely presents that we were given and try not to think about how long we have to wait until we get actual answers!

~ Yours truly, Adrianna.




3 thoughts on “A Gift To Sherlock-ians

  1. Tessa Ann says:

    I am a very new Sherlock fan (meaning I spent a week binge watching and falling in love), but I wasn’t going to watch that one because I didn’t think it was necessary, and it sounded a little too creepy for my liking. However, I might just have to watch it after reading this. Translation: WHY DID I NOT WATCH THIS THE SECOND THAT I REALIZED THAT IT EXISTED?!


    Actually, it was this blog that made me a Sherlock fan. Someone posted about it a couple of weeks ago, and something just clicked in my brain like “Why on earth haven’t I watched this? It looks amazing!” Same thing happened with someone’s post about Merlin, although I haven’t actually watched that yet. So thank you for giving me more things to obsess over.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. missyhatter says:

      You are certainly welcome! And welcome to the madness that is being a Sherlock fan! Because, as I’m sure you know, it takes a lot of patience in between episodes or seasons.
      But I would very much recommend watching this one if you’re watching the show! I mean, some of it is for fun and kind of off topic, but it circles back well and shows a lot about the characters and overall mystery.
      The show’s an easy one to love. And if you don’t like waiting, an easy one to hate 😀
      But I’m really glad you’re getting something from the blog! Finding new things to love and obsess is always fun. Especially when you have others to obsess with!
      Happy Fangirling!


      1. Kara_Author says:

        That’s so cool that you, Tessa Ann, got into Sherlock through this blog! It is SO good! 🙂 And I hope you give Merlin a try too (that was my post, tehe) as its a bundle of fantasy fun.

        Adrianna, my dear watson, this made me relive the whole episode in the best way! Total agreement on everything! Bravo!

        Liked by 1 person

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