Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review and Discussion

So on Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 (guys its 2016!!! say whaaaat?!) I, Adriana Gabrielle, went to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and I….LOVED it!


*Note: This post DOES contain spoilers here and there! Just keep this in mind while you read this post if you haven’t seen the movie yet.*


Overall Thoughts on the Movie:

So I LOVED this movie and was actually pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. I mean I knew it was gonna be good but I wasn’t sure WHAT to expect from it but as I said, I was pleasantly surprised by it.

I had a few friends complain that the plot of the movie was no different but there is something about that I want to point out and that is: The Star Wars movies have NEVER been about plot. When the first episode of Star Wars was released (Episode IV: A New Hope) it was the BEST movie of its time. Nothing like it had been done before. It was the best movie ever made. Then the other movies came along, they all had a similar plot but still were the best. The plot was always the same:

~Main Character(s) is stuck in some desert wasteland of a planet. The want things to change and thats when stormtroopers show up and ruin everything in their search for some sort of rebellion/jedi plans. The main character gets swept up in the action and joins the rebellion against the Sith. The Sith have a huge starship. The Jedi blow it up, some people die. Maybe throw in a love interest or two. Then at the end of the movie there is a celebration cause the Sith are defeated and BAM!!! you have a star wars movie.

Now I’m not making fun of the plot but I’m just pointing out that you can complain about the plot and how its too similar to the plot of one of the previous movies…but I dare you to look again at the plot of all the movies. They are essentially the same. But as I said, the movies were never about the plot. Ever.

But anyways with that little rant over let me say once more that I LOVED this movie and then we will move on. So: I LOVED THIS MOVIE! IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT GO WATCH IT NOW!

5 star rating



The Characters:

I adored the characters in this movie and I was beyond excited being able to see my favourite characters (like Han Solo) once more. So, lets talk characters, shall we?

We are first going to discuss Kylo-Ren and Finn, ok?


So, what kind of post would this be if we didn’t fangirl a little bit over that attractive guys that make up the new cast of characters? Lets consult the cuteness-o-meter on these characters, shall we?

1st up is: Kylo-Ren


So I first want to point out that this image does him no justice. I’m not gonna lie I found him very attractive (don’t judge me!)….kinda made him a bit more of an enjoyable Sith Lord cause he wasn’t gross and ugly like that other Sith in the movie whose name I forget…but either way you get my point. Though I will say that whole twist with Kylo-Ren being Han Solo and Leia’s son was not what I expected. and I’m a little disgusted by what he did to Han Solo…but he is a Sith Lord so….Lets move on.

*consults the cuteness-o-meter*


So as you can see, the meter doesn’t lie. The levels of attractiveness/cuteness are very high for him.


Now, for the second runner up! Finn!


*fans self* Oh my. Attractiveness/cuteness levels overloading. Maybe we should check that meter before it-


well… the meter has been destroyed…and possibly the surrounding area. Hope people weren’t hurt….



ANYWAYS! Finn. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Finn, ok? I mean not only is he attractive but he is also just an amazing character you guys. Like I can’t even describe it. He just be amazing, y’all. But anyways, I really like the Stormtrooper Twist they had here with Finn being a runaway Stormtrooper. It was definitely an interesting twist, because up to this point in the movies the Stormtroopers were kinda just brainwashed clones that did whatever they were commanded (and did their jobs rather horribly but still) so it was a nice twist that way, I thought.


Han Solo and Chewy

Article Lead - wide984870591mmyefimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.1mmx3n.png1429787987297.jpg-620x349

I’m not gonna lie. When they walked onto the Millennium Falcon and Solo said ‘Chewy, we’re home’ my heart just shattered and I got all happy and excited. The sweetest thing ever ok? Like just look Solo’s face in that picture? Just much happiness and I can’t even. *flails* I was beyond excited to have them back! …but my heart just broke into a million pieces when Kylo-Ren killed Solo. I actually cried a little in the movie theatre. On that tragic scene I just sat there hoping he wasn’t gonna get killed….but then he did…and my feels broke. I still haven’t recovered really.


Leia Organa


And she’s back! Leia was one of my favourite characters in the first three movies (yes, I mean Episode IV, V, and VI) I mean, mostly I was just jealous of her hair…but I also just wanted to be here. I mean she was (and is) totally kick-butt. Who wouldn’t want to be her? and even now that she is older she is still as beautiful as ever. I’m just sayin. I wished we saw more of her in the movie, but I was glad she made an appearance. (also in case you’re wondering, I’m not talking about Luke Skywalker this time because I was very ticked off at his appearance in the movie. He just stood there and said nothing. So I don’t want to acknowledge him right now.)




I LOVED her ok? She was great. There are still so many unanswered questions with her and it’s been driving me crazy. Like who are her parents? Why did they abandon her? Is she possibly related to Luke Skywalker at all? or maybe another Jedi from the movies we know? I mean she inherited Luke’s lightsaber. Would that mean she’s related to him somehow? Cause Luke’s lightsaber originally belonged to his father….so what is the connection?




I just need to give this little droid a moment to shine because he was so cute! He was like a little puppy and basically I want a cute little, orange BB-8 droid. Someone get me a BB-8? Please?


So, I was going to discuss some theories regarding the new movie (and some of the others) but that could be a fairly long post so I’m thinking that I will talk about those theories next time. But I hope you liked this post!

What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars movie? What about the characters? How did you feel about having the old characters come back? Anything you did/didn’t like? 


Happy New Year!

Adriana G.


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