Fangirl Christmas Day 11-Eleven Narnians Untamed

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Kara here and…IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! How exciting is that! I hope you all have your gifts wrapped, your family near, and your hearts ready for tomorrow!

On this 11th day of Christmas, my fandom gave to me…

ELEVEN NARNIANS UNTAMED. Some of these characters from C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia are well-known, others not quite as familiar, but all worth mentioning.

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#1 ASLAN: They say that he is not a tame lion. The Son of the Emperor Beyond the Sea, and the only creature strong enough to break the White Witch’s curse, Aslan certainly deserves his spot as my first Narnian. He even sang Narnia into existence!

Susan narnia gif

#2 SUSAN: This Queen of Narnia known for both her gentle spirit, and her prowess with a bow, has always been one of my favorite characters. Her beauty and authority was so far known that the Calormene Prince Rabadash even attempted to marry her.

The Silver Chair Rilian.jpg

#3 RILIAN: The son of Prince Caspian and a Star, Rilian is the key figure in The Silver Chair. Stolen from his royal parents, Rilian was raised not as a prince, but as the fierce son of the Lady of The Green Kirtle (An emerald witch) who could turn into a large, deadly serpent. When he is finally rescued, Rilian defeats the woman who captured him, becoming a strong and noble King of Narnia.

jill narnia silver chair

#4 JILL: Speaking of Rilian’s rescuers, Jill was one of the group who set out to find the missing Prince. Aslan himself led Jill into Narnia, and told her to memorize a strange list that would help her on her journey. Jill met Eustace Scrubb (The Pevensie’s cousin), who ventured into Narnia in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and after hearing his wonderous stories, determined that she had to go to Narnia as well. And she did.

Reepicheep gif.gif

#5 REEPICHEEP: This little talking mouse is perhaps one of the most beloved of all Narnian creatures. Reep is a loyal and steadfast friend to the Pevensies, although he also is a warrior who is not very keen on the word “cute”. His faith in Aslan and happy outlook are unwavering, even in the most desperate of situations. His courage is soon show in full glory when he must venture alone over the end of the world, into Aslan’s Land.

Lucy gif

#6 LUCY: The sister to Susan, and the child who first ventured through that wardrobe and started it all. Lucy was very young when she first met a faun carrying parcels in a snowy wood, but over the years became a valiant queen who’s undying belief in Aslan led into the modern world.

Puddleglum image.jpg

#7 PUDDLEGLUM: This unassuming creature with gangly limbs and pale face hales from the marsh lands, known as a Marsh-wiggle. He accompanies Jill and Eustace on their search for prince Rilian. His dry and at times downcast demeanor are only overshadowed by his fierce devotion to Aslan and helping Narnia. When he and the rest of his group are trapped by the witch, and she is trying to convince them that her kingdom is the only real one, Puddleglum replies with my favorite Narnia quote…

Puddleglum's speech.jpg

shasta artsy narnia.jpg

#8 SHASTA: Treated worse than a slave by the man who found him as a baby, Shasta was raised in one of the kingdoms bordering Narnia. After hearing the amazing tales of Narnia, and meeting a talking horse from the kingdom itself, the boy sets off in search of Aslan’s kingdom. Along the way, he meets King Peter, Queen Susan, as well as their siblings, finds a young woman disguised as a soldier, and even a runaway prince who shares his face.

Jewel image.jpg

#9 JEWEL: A unicorn who was best friends with the last king of Narnia, this noble beast often wore a golden chain around his neck. Although his ice-blue horn offset his creamy coat quite nicely, it also became a terrible weapon in battle. Jewel was one of the few Narnians not to be deceived when the “False Aslan” arrived.

aravis fanart narnia.png

#10 ARAVIS: Born a “Tarkeena”–a female in the elite ruling class of Calormen, Aravis was the last person expected to flee to Narnia. But, flee she did when her unkind stepmother tried to force her into a marriage with an old, ugly priest. Her headstrong and fiery nature gave her the courage to don a knight’s apparel and escape to Narnia with her own talking horse. On her quest she quickly teemed up with Shasta, and although their personalities clashed at first, the two eventually fell in love and were married (so that they could continue to argue and make up for the rest of their lives).

digory professor

#11 DIGORY: Although Lewis first portrayed him as an elderly professor in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, this character had far more to do with Narnia than the Pevensie siblings could have imagined. When he was just a boy, Digory used a pair of magic yellow and green rings to get to the Wood Between Worlds, and later witnessed Aslan creating Narnia. He was also partially responsible for bringing the White Witch to the land in the first place. The magic rings used to find Narnia, Digory buried beneath a tree, that he eventually had built into a certain magical wardrobe.

(Doesn’t that just give you shivers? Ah! Such a great scene 🙂 )

There you have it! Eleven characters from the seven Chronicles of Narnia. And probably more info on them than you needed 🙂

Have a very Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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