Fangirl Christmas Day 9- Nine Sidekicks Helping


Hey guys! Adrianna here back with another day of the Fangirl Christmas Special Thingy!

It’s Day 9, people!

And today I will be talking about some awesome Sidekicks.


Yes, today we’re sticking with Disney.

Alright so with this little list I’ll be showing off some of my favorite awesome Disney sidekicks. (obviously not all of them since I can only do nine and there are so much more)

So Onward we go!

#1: Tinker Bell


Or Tink, as Peter Pan calls her. She’s known for her temper and overall protectiveness of The Boy That Never Grew Up. The story wouldn’t be the same without the little Pixie. And it’s evident how close her and Peter are. The way she gives herself to save him, the way he acts upon realizing this, go to show how much these two mean to each other.

Like a good sidekick, though she’s small, she can do a lot. (Like fly a whole pirate ship!)

#2: Dory

indexAh Dory, The Forgetful, Natural Blue.

Only the best sidekick can help the protagonist travel the whole ocean to get to the goal (or, in this case, to Find Nemo) Not only is she great company she’s extremely important to the story (Who else would have remembered P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney?) She can speak whale, she makes threatening situations like stinging Jelly Fish fun. And she’s always there to remind you what to do when life keeps you down. Just Keep Swimming!

#3: Flounder


Yes, the second fish in a row. It’s just evident by now: Fish make great sidekicks (Fairly Odd Parents, anyone?)

The adorable best friend of That Little Mermaid. He’s more hesitant than his adventurous friend, But he’s no Guppy! As seen later when he really shines in his part to helping Ariel and Prince Eric. (Not to mention getting rid of that no good Ursula)

#4: Rhino


It’s simple:

Rhino is awesome.

Rhino is Beyond Awesome.


Okay, this little thing has so many quotable moments he fits perfectly with Disney’s streak of amazingly hilarious sidekicks.

#5 and #6: Timon and Pumbaa


Hakuna Matata! These two have their own care-free way of living. And were both outcasts who found each other and became great friends. Just the two of them. That was, until they found a little lost lion cub who would grow up to be the leader of the pride, or The Lion King.

If it weren’t for these two who knows what would have happened to poor Simba. Though they didn’t do much to teach him how to handle his problems, they made great friends and even distracted hungry Hyenas to help take back Pride Rock. (Which they did in their hilarious manner)

#7: Maximus (and Pascal)


A charming, law abiding (and enforcing) horse. Maximus, took off his life quest to capture Flynn Rider to help a girl have her birthday wish. And ultimately do the kingdom a great good by helping to return the Lost Princess (even if that did involve rescuing that outlaw to do it)

3bbe7c4166905f2a51facfe46107bb81And we can’t forget the sassy Chameleon.

The thing is loyal, adorable, and will not take being called a frog.

(And we all know our hearts broke to tiny pieces when he tried to save Rapunzel)


#8: Olaf

Olafcute Yes, I had to add him. How could I not? Though new, (ish) he’s certainly a Disney sidekick!

His simple humor is amazingly charming and for a snowman he has the warmest heart of almost anyone.

He believes some people are worth melting for.

(And if you get stuck trying to climb a cliff he can point you to the convenient stairs)



#9: Baymax


He may not be fast, but his approachable and hug-able design makes him great for what he’s needed for. That is, unless he’s needed to help fight a masked villain. In which some upgrades are needed.

But no matter what, he comes through, until you’re satisfied with your care.


Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a great rest of the year, snuggle up and watch some Disney! Drink hot chocolate! And do something awesome for somebody else!

Maybe try and be someone else’s sidekick this week. Bring a smile, a laugh or even some wise advice. Heaven knows sidekicks (or just a good kick in the side) are what we need most of time. So I encourage you peeps to do that!

And hey, don’t worry about coming up with your own material, just quote some of these guys, it’s bound to work.

If you feel like it, comment how you do this. Or your favorite sidekick (real or fictional) Don’t be afraid to start conversation.

Until next time!


~Adrianna (with two Ns)





3 thoughts on “Fangirl Christmas Day 9- Nine Sidekicks Helping

  1. Kara_Author says:

    I loved this! And your whole thing about Rhino was PERFECT! Awwww…yeah. I think one way to be a good “sidekick” is to be encouraging, especially when someone who know does something well or gets something special, rather than being jealous or petty. And with Christmas coming up, its something even us mature peeps can struggle with, in one way or other. But as sidekicks, we should build each other up! Not tear them down 🙂 (that sounds like a Bible verse I know… :P)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. missyhatter says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      What you said is so true! And certainly something we should all remember this time of year. 🙂
      Christmas, though it may be hard, is the time to be there for each other and be encouraging, not letting jealousy get in the way.
      Thanks again for sharing how you can be a better sidekick to people!


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