Fangirl Christmas Day 8-Bustling Jingle Bells

a bustling Jungle Bell Christmas

Hello again fan people!

We’re getting close to Christmas, which has me (Kara S.) so excited!

On the eighth day of our count down to Christmas, I’d like to mention one of my favorite, but least-talked about Christmas movies!

JATW Cover image


This crazy christmas bonanza follows a desperate father who was too busy working to pick up his son’s gift on time. So, in order to track down the one little toy his son wants…

Toys - Turbo Man

…he must race all over the city, trying over and over to find a store that still carries the much-wanted toy. But, he is not the only one in search of such a toy.

And the race gets rather crazy. 

JATW "yeah!".gif

Beyond the fact that seeing a grown man (and Arnold Schwarzenegger at that) fight over a red action figure can be some hilarious fun,  this movie also has a interesting way of incorporating some holiday themes.

JATW "WHAT???".gif


No, wait, I’m serious. There really is a lot to learn about Christmas Spirit.

JATW "Christmas Spirit".jpg

The lengths that this father goes to for his son are pretty amazing, and by the end when he finally gets that Turbo Man doll, you will be cheering right along with him.

Still, the overall theme of this whole movie is not one of getting, but rather of giving. That what was even more precious to Arnold’s son (sorry, but no matter what he acts in, he’ll always just be the Schwarzenegger to me) than getting the toy of his dreams, is getting to spend time with his father.

jingle-all-the-way little boy"Whoa".gif

And that, in the end, is bets gift of all. Giving your time to those you love. So, as you get swept up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, don’t forget to take time to just be there with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas, one and all!

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