Fangirl Christmas Day 7- 7 Feels Crushing Moments

We’ve all read those books that we just sit there and cry. Or the episodes of shows. Or movies. Or basically anything that people can fangirl over.

Today I’m going to hit my top seven feels crushing moments. *warning this will have spoilers*


1.) All the Bright Places. Can we just talk about this book for a little bit? It starts out with two kids about to commit suicide. They save each other then adorably fall in love, but it just leads up to completely crushing you at the end. This is definitely my top feels crushing book.

2.) The Book Thief. I’ve only seen the movie, but it’s one of those that you just sit through and pretty much cry the whole time. So. Emotional.

3.) Mockingjay. Can we just talk about the series finale for this? I knew someone was gonna die, but HER?! I never would’ve guessed.

4.) Allegiant. This is pretty much the same as Mockingjay. I expected Tobias or Caleb to die, but couldn’t believe who actually did.

5.) The Host. When Wanderer gives her life for Melanie wasn’t even the saddest part. It was that Melanie still found a way for Wanderer to live and be happy.

6.) Deluge. This series finale just about killed me. At the beginning of the series they strive to get their dad back, but he’s just gone again at the end.

7.) Once Upon a Time. This episode was one of the newer ones, but EMMA BEING THE DARK ONE?! Really?!
What are your top feels crushing moments?




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