Fangirl Christmas Day 6-A Merry Merlin Christmas


Merlin christmas

Hello again fangirls (and gents)!

I’m not entirely sure how I happened to get most of the posts about amazing tv shows that are no longer on air…but, I can’t really complain.

For our SIXTH Fangirl Christmas day, I’d like to talk about one of my favorite BBC shows! (Right up there with Dr Who and Sherlock…though not in a remotely similar genre)


Merlin details the journey and adventures of Merlin, the famed wizard from the Camelot stories. It’s an origin story, showing other characters like Arthur and Guinevere as teens.


I know, I know…a boy wizard and a king with a pride problem do not seem like your average Christmas story. However, these characters portray some of the best representations of the spirit of Christmas that i’ve seen on the big screen.

Merlin is set in a whimsical and vivid land where honor, dignity and selflessness are as common as the regal gowns and chainmail.


In this time of giving, one the biggest gifts we can bestow is showering love on those around us.

The brotherly love between Arthur and merlin can be strained at times, but these two would be willing to give their lives for the other in the blink of an eye.

Then, there is the timeless love story between Arthur and Guinevere. Realizing that to pursue Guinevere would only end up hurting her, because they could never marry since she was a servant, Arthur time and time again sacrificed his own happiness to protect Gwen. He was ever the gentleman.

arthur gif smile.gif



Often times, Christmas becomes a time of seeing who can buy the biggest gift, or impress the inlays with your cookie-baking prowess. Here lies another lesson we could easily take home from Merlin.

The young wizard is able to do unimaginable things, yet must keep his power hidden. He could easily usurp Arthur, which must be tempting especially when the young prince is rude or arrogant toward his servant. However, Merlin never once lays a hand against Arthur. Time and time again, he saves the future king’s life, but is never recognized for the feat. He pretends to be dull and meek, to hide his true identity from those who might want to misuse it.

Merlin magic gif.gif

What if this Christmas we give freely, without thought to who is watching?




Throughout the series, Guinevere seems to be the glue that binds many of the characters together. Even when she doesn’t know that Merlin can do magic, she is still kindly toward him, and is more than willing to tell off Arthur when his temper gets the best of him. Even when dark times befall camelot, Gwen holds to her faith that Arthur will be the Once and Future King, to save her precious city.

Gwen hugging arthur gif.gif

This unwavering belief in him is something that also crows this Christmas season. Christmas is about believing in miracles. About having the heart of a child. Its about celebrating the birth of the One, True King.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave a comment below!




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