Fangirl Christmas Day 5 – My Top 5 OTPs

Hello Fanpeople!

Welcome to day 5 of the 12 Days of a Fangirl’s Christmas!

day 5 OTP

In todays post, I am going to share 5 of my OTPs (OTP = One True Pairing) with you people…Basically this post is a reason for me to just lose my mind in fangirl-y ways…. SO buckle up people and enjoy the ride!


OTP #1 – Captain Swan (Captain Hook and Emma Swan from OUAT)


First off the new season of OUAT is hurting my heart (you won’t get any spoilers from me cause I’m only a few episodes in to the current season anyways) and so far my ship is still a thing though! So that eases my pain a little but…but OH MY GOSH you guys! the cuteness that is Captain Swan is something I can hardly handle. I LOVE THEMMMMMM



OTP #2 – Stydia (Lydia and Stiles from Teen Wolf)

Yes, I'm aware this is the actors and not the characters but stilllllll
Yes, I’m aware this is the actors and not the characters but stilllllll

Can we just talk about the cuteness that is Stiles and Lydia? I ship them SO hard! I’m currently very behind on the show so I dunno if they ever actually become an item but I’m just hoping…but either way…I ship them and with good reason! Just look at the cuteness!


Talk about adorable!
Talk about adorable!


OTP #3 -9 and Rose (Doctor Who)


Yes, I love 10 and Rose as well but there is just something about Rose and 9 that is unbearably adorable! I adore how 9 always assured her it would be just them till the end (like above picture). There is always so much love and commitment when he would say it to her and it just makes me melt! They are too cute! I mean just look at the cuteness of them! ❤


To those of you that skipped 9: Your loss. You are missing the best love story ever.


OTP #4 – Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth from PJO and Heroes of Olympus)


Cuteness. Cuteness EVERYWHERE! That is all I have to say about them… Okay. Actually one thing. I’M NOT WAITING FOR A PRINCE CHARMING IN MY LIFE YOU GUYS. I’M WAITING FOR A FREAKIN’ PERCY JACKSON TO COME FOR ME OK? OK!!



OTP #5 – The Ponds (Rory and Amy from Doctor Who)

I just want to say that they are SO cute. Rory is so adorably awkward and just loves Amy so much and I dunno what it is about them but I LOVE them. SO cute.

*point about awkward adorableness has now been proven*
*point about awkward adorableness has now been proven*
They are #marriagegoals
They are #marriagegoals


I honestly the love the Ponds (well TECHNICALLY Williams) they are just so perfect for each other and adorable and GYAH! SO much love for them you guys!


Who are some of your favourite ships? Tell me about them! Why do you love them? I would love to chat Ships/OTPs with you people! So comment below, maybe?


Adriana G.


3 thoughts on “Fangirl Christmas Day 5 – My Top 5 OTPs

  1. Kara_Author says:

    AHHHHH I AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE! The Ponds crack me up, and like our fellow fangirl, I too need to catch up on OUAT. Percabeth is life (saw that coming from Sea of Monsters…yeah 🙂 ) and while Tenrose will always be my fave, nine was great too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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