Fangirl Christmas Day 4 – My Top PLL Christmas Moments

Hey Everyone.

It’s the fourth day of a fangirl Christmas. I’m going to share with you all: my top ten Christmas moments in Pretty Little Liars, episode How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas.

I kind of fell (face first) into this fandom. Was not expecting to, I don’t think anyone ever does. Just go with it.

One: When Mona was the ghost of Christmas. With the amazing period costume and make up. If you know the Christmas Carol, you’ll get what I mean.

Two: The Ice Ball. Can we just talk about the Ice Ball. Seriously, Rosewood throws some of the most extravagant dances ever. And that Ball way over the top amazing!

Three: The dresses in this episode are sooo pretty!

Four: Even though it was Christmas, that didn’t stop the girls looking for answers. Especially Spencer.

Five: When the love interests surprise the girls. (It was kind of perfect)

Six: Emily’s Christmas spirit. And her heart warming Christmas advice. We could all learn a little something from her.

Seven: When Ezra gifted Aria. Dresses, Jewelry and childhood ponies. (Just watch the clip)

Eight: When all the friends got to spend Christmas together. They were so happy, it made my heart happy.

Nine: Flash back. Friendship and wishes. The Feels.

Ten: But as always, ‘A’ had to have the last laugh.

And there my top Christmas moments in Pretty Little Liars. If you are a fan of Pretty Little Liars, and have watched this episode; please tell me about your favorite moments.



3 thoughts on “Fangirl Christmas Day 4 – My Top PLL Christmas Moments

  1. Kara_Author says:

    Looks interesting….and that quote about “If you don’t have Christmas spirit in your heart, you won’t find it under the tree” was really cool! 🙂


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