Fangirl Christmas Day 3-Power In The Heart Of A Child


Hello lovely fan people! Can you believe it? We’re already to the THIRD day of our TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS countdown!

Today I’m going to be talking a bit about Avatar…

when I say avatar

Yeah, not that Avatar…the airbending one. Any long-living fans of this show will feel me on that aspect.

Now, I get some of you might be going…but aren’t cartoons for kids? Animation is for everyone, silly rabbit. Especially if we’re talking Anime. Which brings me to one little disclaimer I want to throw in here:

wait for itttttt.gif

Avatar has a lot of amazing aspects, but it also has an animistic worldview. The idea of a “spirit world” is something that most Anime touches on, and while in Avatar it is far more of a fantasy world, than anything tangible or cultural, it’s still there.

However, we do live in a world full of different beliefs. I also wonder sometimes, if our lives would change if we lived like we really believed that there is a spiritual war being waged, between the Heavenly Host and the fallen angels, not just hang dainty angelic ornaments on our trees. Anyway, rant over.


The main character in Avatar is named Aang, and he is a bundle of energy and childlike fun. And mildly annoying at times. And a prankster. Basically, a boy who never quite grew up.

Aang flying.gif

However, inside that boyish charm and crazy-wide grin, is enough power to create a tidal wave, or move a mountain. No one could believe that Aang was the Avatar, the one person who could save the four kingdoms, and restore balance (…to the force, Luke! Haha, wrong story).


Its pretty easy to see the parallels between Avatar and our real-life savior. Jesus came to earth in the body of a baby, the most unsuspecting of babies. Poor. Meager. To a mother who should not have been pregnant in the first place. Yet, inside that tiny chest beat the heart of universes. The creator of the world allowed himself to be reduced to a King’s servant. Why? For us. So that he could walk our ground, breath our air. Save our lives.

Lewis quote son of god


While I think that drawing parallels between something like Avatar that is a bit easier for us to grab hold of, and using it to better understand how our own Savior helped us, is beneficial, the parable can only go so far. Aang is a television character, not a real person. Jesus was truly the Son of God who died for us. The real person to bring balance,and restore us to a right standing in the eyes of God. Jesus is the real Avatar. Lets never forget that, or allow Him to become a myth. Our Savior is very much alive!

That’s all for now, folks! As you enjoy this season, may you keep in mind the tiny child who came to save us all.


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