Fangirl Christmas Day 2- Two Best Friends


Greetings Fanpeople!

Today we are talking about Friendship. Friendship and Twenty One Pilots (Both topics I am absolutely sure I will write about again at some point.)

So some of you may know, (or a lot of you, they have gotten a lot more popular recently) but Twenty One Pilots is an amazing band with two best friends making up the group. (Two not Twenty One, sadly. Two)

these two
Josh and Tyler



There are so many things to say about these two wonderful Human Beings. One being that they make some amazing music. And two being that just by watching a few interviews you can really see just how close these two are.

I mean really. Just watch a few of these things. Get them together, shoot, get them alone even! So, basically, it’s apparent.

Did I mention how adorable they are though?

Friends, you can be yourself around. Friends, you can be goofy and silly and plain out childish. And know they won’t leave you because at this point you’re stuck together.

These two have made it far beyond casual friends and to the realm of Full fledged BFFs. best friend

That realm is one that is hard to explain. On one side you have the fact that you’re so comfortable around each other that you can be mistaken as a couple, the fact that you can understand each other and still keep everyone else in the room in the dark, and just this amount of loyalty that practically nothing can get between.

Just by watching Tyler and Josh you can see that this is something they, for sure, have. And then even beyond all that adorable, playful, friendship stuff you can see they’re really there for each other.

Just watch them. One will step forward when it’s obvious (or even not so obvious. Honestly, I’m sure a lot of people miss it) that the other feels cornered or anxious in an interview.

And you don’t even have to watch the interviews to see how close these guys are!  Look at their live shows!live

Though I could go on forever about these two and the marvelous band, this post is about more than just them.

*Pay attention- Important Part*

Their music is also a reason I have made some of the friends I have now.

To an extent “Fangirling” has gotten me people now I am very close to, and even more I hope to grow closer to.

Me and Adriana G. made a group for fangirling over these dudes and their music. And just from that we’ve grown to a little almost community. Something I hope The Fandom Studio can do.

Because talking about what you love can be more than talking about how cool or awesome something is, but why it means something to you. And knowing what someone loves can show you so much about them.

So go Fanpeople! Continue to be amazing fans of things. Talk about what you love! Make connections!

And this Christmas, don’t forget to be thankful for friendship. (and fangirl/boy-ing)



3 thoughts on “Fangirl Christmas Day 2- Two Best Friends

    1. missyhatter says:

      They are wonderful. To the point where they took place as my favorite band very quickly (which is something because I’m not one to pick favorites easily) Since I found them I have gotten a lot of other people into the music. But there’s more than just good sound, what the songs are about and the band itself.
      You know, I’ll write a whole post about introducing them and why they are great but yes you should totally check them out! 😀


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