Timeless Christmas Movies You and Your Family Can Enjoy!

Hello Fanpeople!

It’s me again! (Adriana G.) Now I know that *technically* the blog doesn’t kickstart until December 14th (Mark it on your calendars people!) BUT unofficially I’m doing this post for you lovely people because otherwise I won’t have the opportunity to post this before Christmas! (and as you can see from the title, the post would then be totally pointless)

So moving on to the post! Today I am gonna share some of my favourite Christmas movies that not only myself, but my family also enjoys watching over the christmas holidays! So here you go!

5 TIMELESS Christmas Movies You and Your Family Can Enjoy (Year after year)!

  1. It’s A Wonderful Life


I am IN LOVE with this movie (and going to see it in the theatre in a few weeks). I remember that when I first started watching it (I watch it around christmas every year) I was about 10 I think and I first found some of it kind of boring, but as I got older I came to love the movie more and more. Its a classic and definitely worth the watch. 😀

I know that if your family is one with lots of small kids ( like my family), this might be a movie for the older members of your family once the little kids are in bed or off doing something of their own. I don’t say this because it is a bad movie but because for younger kids it can a) be a little slow or boring at points and b) sometimes its a little bit hard to understand for littles.

But either way I ADORE this movie and I want to point some bright shinning spotlights at this scene and the dancing ok?


So yes, this movie is amazing and just super sweet and adorable! A wonderful movie if you want to just curl up on the couch with a nice blanket and cup of hot cocoa.




2. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (both versions)


Ahh yes. The Grinch. This is a yearly tradition for me and my family. I’m going to be talking about both the original cartoon and the version with Jim Carrey made a few years back. First, the cartoon.

The cartoon version of this movie is simply my favourite. Its super cute and a lot of fun if you want a quick, 20 minute watch. (and the most accurate book to movie adaptation I’ve ever seen, amiright?) Its PERFECT for little kiddos and I know in my house, we all love singing the songs in the movie.


Jim Carrey’s The Grinch is a little different. I get a good laugh out of this movie for sure but the little kiddos in my house (I have 7 younger sibling just so ya know) are easily scared by the grinch. Some of the younger ones are definitely more uneasy watching this version because of that. But other than that no real complaints because Jim Carrey is hilarious. Definitely a fun one to watch.



3. Arthur Christmas 


Probably one of my FAVOURITE Christmas movies right now. Its cute and funny and just absolutely amazing. Its an adorable story about how one guy didn’t give up on one single child (out of all the children in the world) and his adventure to bring this child her gift that was missed in Santa’s Workshop. It is definitely a show that will have you smiling.



4. Charlie Brown’s Christmas


Cute, thought provoking and a fun watch for the entire family! Thats really all I gotta say. If you haven’t seen this I have to ask what you are doing with your life…because you need to watch this.


5. Elf!

Ahhh yes. Elf.


It honestly doesn’t get much better/funnier than this. This is a movie we are only allowed to watch (in my family) between December and Mid to Late January. It is literally a movie I could watch all day, every day, over the Christmas holidays and never get bored! The whole family loves it and always finds something to take out of it 😀

Best. Christmas Movie. Ever.



So thats my post! I hope you enjoyed it! What are some Christmas Movies you love to watch? Have you seen any of the ones I mentioned? I would love to hear from you!


Also, don’t forget to check back December 14th for some posting action and the official kickoff of The Fandom Studio!


Adriana G.



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