Introduction Post – Maddy C.

Hello Fans of the world!  Allow me to introduce myself, I am Maddy Clarke, Fangirl Extraordinaire!


(yes that is a legitimate title, no that is not me)

Madison Bio Pic

This is me, short hair and all.  (which honestly begs the question, why don’t more female protagonists have shorter hair? it’s much less of a bother; but that’s a post for another time.)

For those of you who haven’t guessed yet, I am a fangirl, (although the argument could be made for fangoddess).  I fan a lot of things, from fiction to reality I ship it and obsess, luckily this hasn’t been too detrimental to my grades yet, so I’m safe.


As mentioned previously, I can (and will) fan over any and everything,  I spend a good portion of my time on the internet just browsing and giggling like a retarded seal at all of the wonderful fandom stuff that is out there.

My fandoms are many and varied; and since I spend so much time on the world wide web, I’ve probably heard of most (but I won’t count on it) in one way or another,  so please for give me If i don’t list them here, but if you have any recommendations I am always looking for  more things to fan over – 🙂


That being said, I’ll probably be posting about just about anything fandom related under the sun that catches my fancy, from music to maybe even *gasp* a documentary; who knows?  I’m just happy that ya’ll with be along for the ride.

Peace out!


-Maddy C.




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