Introduction Post-Kara Swanson

Hello to all you readers who had enough patience (and courage) to drop by!

If I may, I’d love to introduce myself!

My name is Kara Swanson. *flourishing bow* Which, is actually pronounced like the word “Care-ah” (or how Clark Kent’s blonde cousin pronounced it in Smallville. Not how its pronounced on the new CBS show. Moving on.)

supergirl tumblr_npaohtDejs1qllhdno1_500.gif

My childhood is a bit exotic…which is probably why I’ve always been the girl who connected well with those characters who took long journeys to far away places (My name might not be Alice, but there were times I felt I’d fallen down a rabbit hole), and scratched my head at those who’d spent their entire childhood in the same house. Inconceivable!

Milo confused.gif

(Ahhhh Atlantis. Another show that was amazing yet nobody remembers.)

For sixteen years, I lived in the jungles of Papua New Guiea (yes, that’s me in that picture below! Nothin’ but dense jungle around the tribe where we lived) and have really only been back in the states for two years. Still adjusting, in some ways. I’m more comfortable running barefoot through the grass than I am walking across a busy Californian street. I’m learning, though!

kara in the jungle.jpg


While I’m a fan of quite a few more recent shows/books (Arrow, Flash, Divergent, Maze Runner, etc…), I also have a special place in my heart for the oldies-but-goodies. My recent Netflix binge has been the X-Files. Scully and Mulder are so funny 🙂

I also loooooooove The Princess Bride. If you didn’t catch my reference above. Wesley and Buttercup created OTP. 🙂

I’m also SOOOOO excited for the Force Awakens. Literally, the only reason I was glad to graduate this year was because Starwars and Age of Ultron were coming out. Can I get an “amen”?

Han excited.gif

When I’m not writing, creating fantasy worlds of my own, and getting to introduce characters that are both engrossing and relatable, as well as unique and a bit heartbreaking at times, you can find me reading. Or listening to music. Or going for short walks (why short? I’ll explain soon).

Some of my favorite books include: Percy Jackson, Divergent, Lunar Chronicles, Storm Siren Series, Anne of Green Gables, Emily of New Moon, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord Of The Rings, The Berinfel Prophecies, The Door Within, The River Of Time.


Just gotta say though, the one book that has effected my life the most, is the story of how the creator of the world died to save me. The Bible. Not that it’s always easy to read it, but I’m learning more and more how to grow closer with my Jesus through reading his words.

One thing that happened recently, that kind of shook my world and has given me more time to read and write, is that I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few weeks before I was supposed to start college. Lyme is a sickness that can mimic other diseases, so it can take FOREVER to identify, and is very hard to get rid of. For me, it’ll take a year at least to start getting better.

Still, I know it’ll make me stronger in the end. Love this quote…

harships destiny cs lewis

So, I’m learning to take it easy when I need to, and make every opportunity count–including my Netflix binges. Everyone has a story to tell, right?

So happy that you’re here! I hope to get to know your story, too!









2 thoughts on “Introduction Post-Kara Swanson

    1. Kara Swanson says:

      Thank you so much Lisa! Yes, we most certainly will! 🙂 And I’d love to do reviews for all of your books! Especially any new River of Time California novels you might be working on…*hint hint* 🙂 All the best to you!


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