Introduction Post -Adrianna Ewing

Greetings Universe! And Fanpeople as, Adriana G. put it.

This would be an introduction to, well, me. Hello!


I am the (Self proclaimed) Music Guru and Silly-Hat-Wearer. (Yes that is a title. Don’t question it)



Example #1 of Silly Hat Wearing

I spend 99.9% of my time listening to music along with any other thing I would be doing. Procrastination is something I do so often it might as well be put here too.

A list of my hobbies would look like this:

  • Fangirling
  • Looking for Adventure (Even in local grocery stores)
  • Over-analyzing Everything.
  • Finding deeper meanings to even the silliest cartoons and shallowest pop songs.
  • Coloring
  • Drawing/Painting (when I get around to it)
  • Writing
  • Finding a new song/artist/album to obsess over
  • Reading (When I actually sit down to do so)
  • TV and Movies (Also when I actually sit down and make time for it)
  • Pinterest (Totally a hobby)
  • Getting Distracted (This is like an occupation of mine)
  • Talking to people.

As for an extended list of Fandoms:

I live for Disney quotes and break out in song very often. Everything Sherlock Holmes. Everything Alice in Wonderland. Everything Peter Pan. I love me some classics, and even some darker ones (Edgar Allen Poe, H.P Lovecraft, H.G Wells) Super Heroes have been my love since I was eight and watched the cartoon Spider Man for the first time. -Peter Parker was like my first fictional crush (And Andrew Garfield from the new movies hasn’t helped this)- This does not exclude DC. Twenty One Pilots is life. (Like dudes,this is more than just a band but I shall ramble about them later) But so is Relient K, and Switchfoot. Also Fall Out Boy and if I keep naming bands we’d be here all day.

I hope this was sufficient to get to know me a bit better. If not, no worries! For I shall be posting here along with the other amazing Fangirls of this group.

Until then, Toodles!




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